The seasons rose and fell with a whimper
and all the trees we climb turn to ember.
the sea was drained, it turned to plains
our children running free.

A man he spoke of days he remembered
where cities fell and armies surrendered
and all our pain, it left our veins
our blood it filled the sea.

Saya, sayanara
we tried to hold you
when you were young.

Your sadness rose, it called out a warning
sons were leaving, mothers were mourning
and we awoke to the stereo playing "castles made of sand"
and miles away, a dead man was walking
family was silent, TV was talking
and we don't know where this will go
we just know it's gonna end.

Saya, sayanara
we tried to hold you
when you were young.
but the fire
crawled inside you
it will remind you
of all that was.


from Every Man a King, released January 6, 2014


tags: rock Chicago


all rights reserved


Martin Van Ruin Chicago, Illinois

Martin Van Ruin is a collective project from some familiar Chicago faces (members of Derek Nelson & The Musicians, Jenny Dragon, Planetsexploder). Their debut led them to being named "5 Chicago Songwriters You Need to Watch" by American Songwriter Magazine. A new release will be out in the fall. ... more

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