from by Martin Van Ruin



We broke all our promises
the charter was annulled
We cast sights on some strange place
where no one walks alone.
I got my bag, my woman, my vices
saw somebody's daughter got her hands on a rifle
we're all holding on to what we know
not sure where this will go.

i stood on these tired legs
and held you by the hand
said, "i built this house, i'll burn it down
i'll prove myself a man"
to the bridge, to the woods, to the town, to the steeple
factory is ahead all teeming with people
we're all making plans in the day's last glow
not sure where this will go.

we'll walk into the wilderness
we'll wash our hands of this.

i'm not young but the sun's still shining
an old friend that just won't stop smiling down.
living room piano's playing
i've walked enough, oh, i think i'm staying now.
we wrote journals as kids still yearning
all the pages keep on turning now.
the gold teeth of a city snarling
i'm not leaving, i'm staying darling now
we're not young, but the sun's still shining
we thump bibles, the trash keeps piling up
we're not young, but the sun's still shining
our old friend just won't stop smiling down.


from Every Man a King, released January 6, 2014


tags: rock Chicago


all rights reserved


Martin Van Ruin Chicago, Illinois

Martin Van Ruin is a collective project from some familiar Chicago faces (members of Derek Nelson & The Musicians, Jenny Dragon, Planetsexploder). Their debut led them to being named "5 Chicago Songwriters You Need to Watch" by American Songwriter Magazine. A new release will be out in the fall. ... more

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